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The P+L looks for promoting the sustainable use of the natural resources, and it focuses to the diminution of remainders from the source and to the minimization of the energy consumption.

Therefore, it is necessary to have highly qualified personnel in matter of prevention of contamination in order to establish mechanisms that restrain the environmental, irreversible deterioration in most of the cases, and that these are directed to the restoration of the environment. In the search to help to restrain the excessive use of natural resources, the CMP+L-IPN is joining to these efforts through the Masters in Engineering in Cleaner Production, in order to form professionals that are able to make decisions and actions against the environmental problematic that today we are living.


Masters objectives

To form professionals able to make efficient the productive systems, under the approach of prevention of contamination, with which it is contributed of integral way to give solutions to the environmental problems.


Field of action of graduated students

he masters by its multidisciplinary character allows withdrawn an ample field of action, since it will be able:

  • Have the abilities and knowledge to analyze, solve technical problems and prevent contamination.

  • Participate or to lead projects that they involve research, planning and design of strategies of cleaner production and sustainable development.

  • Promote works of management and environmental legislation, optimization of processes, water engineering, power efficiency, atmospheric pollution, education, etc.

  • Participate in governmental dependencies related to environmental regulations, with the possibility to have decision-making positions. 


Applicants desirable profile

To be a graduate of the following undergraduate programs:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Industrial Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Biochemical engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  •  Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Engineer on energy


Study program

The student will have to attend 6 compulsory, three elective subjects and three seminaries.


Compulsory subjects

Elective subjects


Cleaner Production

Sustainable development and environmental economics

Thesis seminar I

Air Pollution

Environmental risk analysis

Thesis seminar II

Water Engineering: Treatment and reuse

Environmental management systems

Thesis seminar III

Recycling and reuse

Waste management


Process simulation

Environmental legislation


Energy efficiency

Life cycle Assessment and Eco-design



Duration of the course

wo years on time complete (to attend three matters by semester and a seminary); and on partial time the duration will be variable according to the availability of the student, in the understood that the student will have to attend continuous semesters according to the official calendar and to the Regulation of Studies of Post degree of the IPN, and will not have to exceed 4 years.

In order to receive the degree the total of the masters program must be covered, the thesis and the examination of corresponding degree.


Registration requirements

The applicant to enter to the Masters in Engineering in Cleaner Production, will have to cover the following requirements:

  • To fill up application form and submit the following documentation:

Mexican students

1. Registration form by duplicate.
2. Personal history, by duplicate. 
3. Letter of compromise acceptance for the fulfilment of the IPN policies by duplicate.
4.  Original and two photocopies of the award certificate, or of the official letter of completion of equivalent studies.
5. Original and two photocopies of the professional certificate or the act of professional examination.
6. Original and two photocopies of the official certificate of studies.
7. Letter of reasons to enter the program of selected post degree, by duplicate.
8. Copy certified of the naturalization or birth certificate by duplicate.
9. Two photographs recent (4x 3 size) in black and white.


Foreign students

In addition to points 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9, the foreigner students will have to attach:

1. Birth certificate legalized or apostilled
2. Certificate of studies legalized or apostilled .
3. Degree award certificate legalized or apostilled
4. Migratory form (two copies)
5. Certificate of Spanish language  


Application procedure

1. To satisfy the whole requirements stated above
2. To success the entrance examination

  • General record examination  
  • English test as foreigner language (reading and comprehension).
  • Interview.




Process of admission

Requirements of admission

Download request of admission


Information of contact

Dr. Manuel Hernández Cortázar
Telephone: 01 (55) 5729-6000 ext. 52605

Dra. Carmen Monterrubio Badillo
Telephone: 01 (55) 5729-6000 ext. 52617

Av. Acueducto de Guadalupe s/n,
Barrio La Laguna, Col. Ticomán,
Deleg. Gustavo A. Madero,
Instituto Politécnico Nacional,
Zona Ticomán,
México D.F. 07340